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    Getting Started with Rohan Registration and Client Download



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    Getting Started with Rohan Registration and Client Download

    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:58 am

    For New Accounts: Visit

    1. Click "Visit Forum" button for Forum registration and/or forum updates in the game.


    1.a. Click "Come in!" Button.

    2. Should this image appears, click the "ItemMall" hyperlink to continue (redirecting).

    3. Once clicked, there will be a privacy error instructing you to continue. Click "Advanced" and click "Proceed to" afterwards.

    (NOTE: We are in the process of SSL creation, we apologize for the error.)

    4. Click "Sign Up" button for a new account (Yellow arrow at the image).  You can also download the client via "Download" link (Red arrow at the image).

    5. You should view the site shown below. A confirmation (a pop-up at the top right of your screen) will inform you that your account registration is a success.


    1. Visit and click the "Download" link.

    2. You should see this page afterwards. Move your mouse cursor at the bottom (below Rohan image) and make sure you had downloaded the Client and its patch shown below.

    3. A Download Manager will appear shortly. Kindly follow instructions stated in the image shown below.

    Anyways, if you clicked the Download link shown in the home page (shown above, Number 4) it would looked like this:

    For users using 7z utility, kindly visit this post

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